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What are the Building plans?
The Building plans are the most important part of the design process. These plans form the basis of the Planning application, Building Regulations application and the builders will work from them, its important they are to a good standard.

When designing an extension it is necessary to take accurate measurments and prepare accurate plans to ensure what you intend to build is feasible in the space available. Good detailed plans allow the Planning and Building Regulations officers to make assessments on your proposed extension. It is important that detailed building plans are produced as mistakes requiring revisons on site may mean additional applications need to be made to the Planning Department slowing the build down.

The building plans will be used by your builders to provide quotations and to subsequently build from, another reason they need to be accurate.

Often some services divide the building plans into 2 sets, less detailed plans for Planning Permission and more detailed plans for Building Regulations. By having detailed plans produced from the outset it will mean that once approved you are ready to build. Planning only drawings may be cheaper to prepare but they may not be much use to your builders. Our Plans Package includes detailed surevy, drawings and specifications needed by your builder.

Detailed building plans should also include a building specification for your builder to work from. This specification will generally specify how the builder is to make up each element of the fabric of the building, eg, floor, walls, roof, etc.

See our Sample Plans page to see the level of detail included on our plans or email us and request some plans for a project like yours.
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