Structural engineers

Your project may require the services of a structural engineer. Many new open plan living spaces mean that structural walls need to be removed and walls and floors above need support.

It is often necessry to upgrade your roof structure to carry the additional loading of a loft conversion.

We would normally detail any structural wall removals, etc on the plans and on the Building Regulation application.

We can put you in touch with structural enginners to supply the necessary designs needed to satify Building Control.

Party Wall Surveyors

A Party Wall Surveyor may be required to obtain Party Wall Awards. You can serve these notices on your neighbours yourself and the government issue an explanatory guide to help with this.

On some occasions it may be necessary to seek professional advice and we can point you in the right direction if this becomes the case.

Your neighbours cannot stop you building but they can delay the process if they are not satisfied with how you intend to go about the building works. Allow time for negotiations before work starts.

Party Wall guidance

SAP energy reports

Many modern extensions are increasing the amount of glazing used in both the walls and roof, be it bi-fold doors, roof lanterns or skylights. Windows and doors are generally not as thermally efficient as walls and roofs.

Building Control impose limits on the amount of glazing you can have to ensure energy efficiency.

It is sometimes necessary to have energy efficiency calculations carried out to assess the new extension to ensure it is not inefficient and harmfull to the environment by needing excessive heating. This also reassures you that you are not spending excessivly heating your new space.

Drainage build over / near

Its is not uncommon to find drains in the vicinity of your new extension.

Where you are building over or near public sewers it will be necessary to obtain permission from your local drainage utility company.

We can help you with these application should it become the case. The utility company is often in support of your project as long as it does not affect the operation or access of thier sewers or plant.